Thursday, August 11, 2005

I Definitely Don't Get This

Caffeine laced alcoholic beverages? Why? What is the point? Doesn't the alcohol and the caffeine cancel each other out? Making this drink a big fat zero?

When I am arriving home, I don't need or want a stimulant. Give me something to relax me.

Why does everyone have to meddle in someone else's business? KFC sells sandwiches. Burger joints have chicken. (By the way, Burger King's chicken fries are awesome). But do they have to do this to survive, or is it just greed for more market share? I don't know.

So now we have breweries making caffeinated beverages. Next we'll have beer latte.

Then we'll have coffee makers brewing alcohol. Folger's Falstaff will be on our grocery shelves alongside the Old Style Maxwell House and Starbuck's Silver Bullet.

There must be a market for this somewhere, although where I don't know.

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