Sunday, August 28, 2005

This Is Sick- Unless You Enjoy Hurting The Things You Love

There is a raffle to be held to see who "gets" to push the button to implode Busch Stadium at the end of the baseball season.

I would think lots of Cub fans would love to blow up this stadium. But a true Cardinal fan couldn't do it.

I have half a mind to enter the raffle just so on the "big day", I can walk away and leave it standing. That'd blow some minds, I'm sure.

[Scene: A cool autumn morning with a big crowd gathered 'round.]
Smarmy media: "Okay, fans. Now the moment we've been waiting for- here is Cardinal fan, Scottius Maximus, to push the button and blow up the stadium."
Me: "Thanks. But I'd just as soon leave it standing. As if any of you all cared anyway. We all know why you wanted to build this new stadium. You're all a bunch of greedy bastards aren't you? Well, I could never live with myself if I blew it up. No REAL FAN could ever do this dirty deed. I'm outta here."

Look, just because I'm posting pictures of the new stadium on my blog doesn't mean I was in favor of the new ballpark to begin with. I wasn't. It's the whole Mike and Ike thing, or "Blue Diamond Syndrome", all over again. Let's fix something that ain't broke so we can call it "new". Ugh.

I'm posting the new ballpark pictures because I am sad the old one is being torn down. I know I can't save it, so it makes it hurt a little less to try to learn to love this new one going up. I mean, this will be the Cardinals new home, and it is the Cardinals, after all, whom I am loyal to ultimately.

But I still won't blow up my stadium. That's sick.

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