Monday, August 08, 2005

Wanna See Some Cool Pictures?

I know, I got your attention.

Click here to visit the website where the pictures are.

I'm not sure who the dude is in the pictures, but it is not me. Although I am thinking about posting some actual pictures of me when I get to Busch for the last time this year. I think there should be a national coming out party for all bloggers this year, in which we all post a picture of ourselves one day. Something like, I'll Show You My Picture If You Show Me Yours Day. I'm sure Congress could get involved, they like to waste time with proclamations like this.

What do you all think?

Anyway, these are awesome Busch Stadium picutres. It is almost like a virtual tour. These would be great to download and save to your computer. It will serve as a great remembrance of the place in the years to come. If you've never been to Busch, but want to know what it is like, this is a great place to go, because it's going to cease to exist in about 3 months.


  1. Thanks fer the compliments!

    The Photographer