Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Anybody Seen This?

I don't care for much TV other than sports and HGTV, but I have found myself addicted to this show on the E channel. It's called Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive. I would call it reality TV, but I'm not so sure this is not just a put on. Because I find it hard to believe real people would act like this on camera.

This show is supposedly about ten rich kids, 5 males and 5 females, driving cattle from point A to point B. I use the word kids because the collective mental ages of these people is about 12. They are all from very rich families and are mostly the end result of parental welfare.

I should say almost all of them, because there are a couple of them who are mature. The rest are as shallow as morning dew. And like government welfare recipients, they have a prohibitive entitlement mentality. Even though none of them have accomplished a single thing in their entire lives, and probably never will. They are, with a couple of exceptions, lazy, stupid, and selfish.

The cowboys that are leading this group seem bewildered by what they are seeing in these people. While the parents of these people understandably are probably well-respected and hard-working, their offspring sure ain't. I think at some point one of the cowboys is going to get fed up and knock the crap out of one of the guys.

So I intend to keep tuning in.

In the latest episode that I saw last night, three of the guys and one of the girls were supposed to stay at camp and stand watch while the others went off to a rodeo. Well, instead of living up to their word, three of them shirked their responsibility and took off, leaving just one of the "good" guys behind. I can't wait to see what the others do to them when they come back.

If you haven't seen this yet, please do take in one or two episodes just to see what you think. It's fascinating to watch cowboys who have a strong work ethic try to motivate a group of slobs.


  1. Scottius, you hit the nail on the head with your view of some of those kids on Filthy Rich Cattle Drive. I have been out of town and I really really REALLY would like to see Joshua knock Fabian into a new dimension. I cannot stand him. He is one of the few rich brats in this world who is self centered, selfish, lazy,spoiled,mean,sarcastic, unimaginative,uncaring,not loveable,and probably hated by all he comes in contact with. They are just afraid he'll sue. I'm not. He needs to realize, he doesn't have any money, his Dad does. His father should teach him how to be a man instead of a brat. The woman who ever marries him will be in it Just for the money, because if she says she loves him, then apparently she is on some type of mind altering drug.. I want to see him fold. I missed episode five and I am so mad I did. I'll have to buy the whole series on DVD when it comes out. The only other one I have a problem with is the Ferrigno girl. She is tooooo mean and hateful. She has been on Noah's case from day one and he has done nothing. This show is great and any show that makes me show this much emotion, has to be good. (for me)
    Thanx for letting me babble

    Miss M. Dallas, Tx

  2. You're welcome.

    And you're right-
    "He needs to realize, he doesn't have any money, his Dad does".

    Couldn't have said it better.

  3. I have to laugh. Last night I watched Jarad call Fabian a "pussy" and my jaw dropped - not because it was shocking, but because he used the EXACT words that I have been using to describe Fabian since the first episode. And the first comment, too.... lazy, selfish, mean, and I'd add emotionally stunted and hypocritical. Alexander is self-righteous? Come on, you mean he has class and morals. I got a kick out of how he couldn't get Alexander to back down and when he realized he lost the argument (twice), he just said, "Whatever, this conversation is over. It's boring." Ugh, what a pussy.