Saturday, September 17, 2005

Prayers Needed

We received a letter from Nsaguye yesterday. He is a young Rwandan boy, actually a young man now, that we have been blessed to sponsor the past 10 years through Compassion International. He mentioned his brother had died. No details were given. I don't know if it was from disease or if he was killed, but I know Rwanda is dangerous in both respects. Last year Nsaguye himself suffered from malaria.

Nsaguye appears to have a much stronger faith than any of us. He seems to exude joy although his hardships are incomprehensible to me. He always mentions how Jesus has blessed him. And he is right. Because unlike most of American Christianity, he knows his worldly blessings are not to be trusted in, nor are they a sign of God's approval. Although God may choose to bless us in this life also, His real blessings are heavenly and eternal, not of this world. Why don't we get that?

Please pray with us for his health and safety, and his family's.

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