Saturday, October 08, 2005

Listen Up, All Bloggers- I Just Had A Revelation!

Oops. Sorry, I didn't. I just used that to get your attention. What do you think I am, a charismatic evangelical president?

But I do have an idea.

Hopefully, all of us like blogging, right? And a lot of us like talk radio in its various forms, right?

Well why not combine the two?

That's right. I believe the time has come for "Talk Blogging."

We'll post our thoughts verbally and broadcast them for the whole world to hear on their computers, a la radio.

Each of us would have their own "show".

Who's with me?

Hey, Blogger, how about it?


  1. I love the idea! The practicality of it is...well... I already take heat for sitting in the computer room giggling at your blog (or others), chatting on Tabletalk or writing posts at 11pm and 7am; I can just hear my family's reaction to me talking aloud to the computer. I think I just saw something like this on the Homespun Bloggers page. And another thing, what the heck would I even say?

  2. Here's the link I mentioned:

  3. "And another thing, what the heck would I even say?"

    Due to your creativity, I'm sure you'd think of something! You have a knack for good ideas.

    I've only had a chance to "browse" that link you provided. If I can find the time to read this in more detail, and find a way to do it myself, I'll do it, if only to try it once or twice.

    Besides, run on sentences like the one I just typed might sound better spoken than written.