Friday, October 07, 2005

Maybe It's 'Cause It Rhymes With Mets And Nets

New York Jets.

The Jets nickname is cool. I've always liked the name "Jets". But why nickname your team "Jets" when nothing about this uniform has anything to do with jets?

Helmet design:
I love the basic white on the helmet. I just realized something. At one time, in the early 1970s, this entire division (AFC East) wore white helmets. Then the Jets were the first in the division to go away from it. And I'm glad they changed back to this traditional helmet a few years ago. Because I like it better than the solid green metallic helmet they used to have.
I like the black cage. The stripes have been kept minimal. And I think I've reached the conclusion that on a white helmet, stripes are okay. They make the helmet less bland. The decal is a little boring, but it is the traditional look, so I cannot find fault with them sticking with it.

Score: +1

Color scheme:
This is really simple. White, green, and black. Not pretty, not spectacular, but an attractive color of green was picked. Not that neon semi-metallic Eagles color of green, which stops just short of being teal. No, this is a man's green. But it is at this point where I have to ask the question again, what do these colors have to do with jets? Maybe they should rename them the New Jersey ('cause they play in NJ) Plants.


Score: +1

The basic home choice has all the elements I like: solid green color, simple white numbers, a stripe on the shoulder, and no shoulder pad number placements.

The basic away version is just the reverse of the home version. I love it. Looks like it's fit for playing football at the North Pole. It's so white, there's something polar about it.

Score: +1

Leg wear:
I like the white with either one stripe or two. And I love the black shoes on all versions. There is some directional clashivity on the away uniforms white socks with horizontal stripe vs. the pants vertical stripe.

But those green things of the alternative uniform are gross. They remind me of a pair of green jeans I had when I was an pre-teen. Just weird looking.

Home +1
Away 0
Alternate -1
Average of 0.

Overall effect:
The classic home uniform matches in perfect simplicity from helmet to the black shoes. The classic away uniform fulfills in the same way. And that green thing is fit for a monster. But no +2s will be given, because, after all, shouldn't they have to put a jet or something on this baby? That being said, nice job, Plants, errrrrrr...Jets.

Home +1
Away +1
Alternate -1
Average of +0.3.

Historic factor:
For having the sense to ditch the more modern look and go retro, complete with black shoes and all, I give them a bonus + 1 point.

HD: +1
CS: +1
J: +1
LW: 0
OE: +0.3
HF: +1


That's a wrap for the AFC East.

The NFC South is up next.

So until then, as The Hulkster might say, "Remember kids, take your vitamins, say your prayers, and stay in school. And don't do drugs, or you'll end up wearing the modern day Bills uniform."

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