Tuesday, October 25, 2005

What's That Smell?

Why, it's none other than Marilyn Manson.

It seems he has a new fragrance to peddle. And nothing says "delicious aroma" like Marilyn Manson. I mean, who hasn't smelled a freshly cut lawn, or a bed of roses, or the atmosphere after a steady rain, or a pine tree, and thought to themselves, "I bet Marilyn Manson smells this good."

Excellent choice, perfume-makers. I'm sure "L'Essence of Bat Hormone" smells wonderful for a night on the town. I'll bet "Parfum de Lavender Corpse" makes the ladies swoon.

Just look at him. Looking at his picture, one cannot help but get the thought, "I want to smell like that guy."

But, they've forgotten more deserving people. I'd much rather see the following get their own fragrance before Mr. Marilyn.

Junior Samples
"Tincture of Hee Haw"

Matt Foley
"Whiff de Government Cheese"

Lawrence Welk
"Polka Parfum Accordion"

Budweiser's "Louie"
"Bouquet de Chameleon "

Paul Harvey
"Paul Harvey's The Rest Of The Scent"

Katie Luther
"Deine Bier Riecht Ausgezeichnet"

John Madden
"Jean Mad'den De Footballer 2006"

Harriet Miers
"L'odeur de SCOTUS."

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