Saturday, November 12, 2005

Cool Stuff For Your Saturday Night Perusal

Nice story about Chris Carpenter and perseverence. It seems Carp was about to quit baseball in the summer of 2003 when he was faced with still more arm pain and another surgery. Good, inspirational reading that makes you happy he won the Cy Young award.

And awesome photos from KMOV. Now they even have a Busch Stadium Cam that updates a destruction photo every 10 minutes.

If you haven't gone there yet to check out the Busch Stadium photos, please do so. A sampling follows. If you are a guy, especially, you'll enjoy looking at this, even if you couldn't care less about St. Louis or the Cardinals. 'Cause guys just like watching things get busted up. (You'll have to register most likely- it's free). It's amazing how quickly this thing is coming down. I can now say I'm ready for the new park complex to be completed. Because Busch II is in ruins.

Aerial view from yesterday afternoon, with Busch III at the right side (south).

Street level view of the demolition looking east/southeast.

Another aerial view. The section that has been taken out used to be part of the right field stands.

A gaping hole has opened up. However, I am amazed at the lack of debris on the ground. Can you say "efficient".

Another street level view. Looks somewhat Roman-ruin-esque. Almost beautiful, in a sort of way.

I love the picture below. They took out all the seats because they are selling them in twos. I wish I would have ordered a couple now, but the cost was too steep. Way in the back is the eastern edge of the new stadium and Highway 60 can be seen behind that. The Stan Musial statue has to be close to where the photographer is standing, on the northeast corner of the Busch complex.

Again an aerial view. There are four decks of the new stadium along the south, which is right field and first base line, until it turns north to head up the third base side. There the stands will be only 3 decks. You can see where the fourth deck ends here. The main entrance of the ballpark is on the street level here, where the two light towers are seen, just north of where the fourth deck ends. The third base stands and left field stands remain to be completed. Until Busch II comes down.

Again, this is not the Parthenon. It is Busch Stadium II being razed to the ground.

Another aerial view.

This is a weird shot. Taken from street level outside the old stadium, you can now see inside where the centerfield upper deck was, something you could not do very well when it was in its enclosed state.

Sorry if I'm obsessed with this stuff. It's just that I'm just amazed.

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