Saturday, November 12, 2005

Links Update- More Blogs Better Than Mine

Sidelinks have been updated.

Beer. Aardvarks. Pastors. Chocolate.

In other words...something for everybody.

Beer...As in Katie's Beer. Actually, this blog is about a lot more than beer. It has a lot of excellent writing about practically everything. But saying it was about beer just sounded good with Aardvarks and Pastors. Anyway, the name is derived from the wife of the mighty Luther. This site, along with Be Strong In The Grace, is the pinnacle of Minnesota Lutheran blogging.

Aardvarks. As in Aardvark Alley. Nice to see a Lutheran influence elsewhere in the Animal Kingdom. Let's see, we've got apes, aardvarks, asses, and bunnies...what are we lacking? Any wombats out there? Please e-mail me.

Pastors. As in Ask The Pastor. Got a theological question? By all means do not ask me. What do I know? But ask Pastor Snyder. Or just read him. You will surely learn something from his learned mind.

Chocolate. As in Daisies 'n Chocolate, a new blog from a fellow Cardinals fan who is also a homeschooling Christian mother.

So quit wasting time here. Hit the links.

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