Tuesday, January 31, 2006

And How Did You Spend Your Winter Vacation?

I think Mike spent his at the track.

Last week listening to the
Hot Stove League Program on the radio, Mike Shannon called in to the program to discuss what the Cardinals have been up to this winter. A couple of times during his segment, I think he was drowned out by the sound of "A Call To The Post" bugle fanfare. A typical Mike Shannon moment.

He sounds like he is raring to go. I feel he is genuinely excited about working with his new partner, John Rooney.

And in other Mike Shannon news, it appears Mike Shannon's Steaks and Seafood has moved to a new location a block south of the old location. Why, I do not know, but apparently it has a good view of the new stadium. Be sure to visit if you're in St. Louis.

16 Days until Pitchers and Catchers report
20 Days until Position Players report
68 Days until the New Busch Stadium officially opens

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