Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A Tale Of Two Stadiums

First, from the great Redbird Central. A photo tribute to old Busch Stadium II's final season, complete with music and play-by play highlights. I'm not sure who put it together, but it's nice. You'll have to download it to play it on your Microsoft Windows Media Player, but it doesn't take long if you have a high speed connection. And here you can view a time lapse of the stadium construction covering the last 3 months. It is updated daily.

Okay. Now, do you know what time it is kids?


Sorry Howdy, but it's KMOV stadium construction photo update time!


Without further ado...

Here's the Busch Stadium II remnant on the north edge of the complex. The International Bowling and St. Louis Cardinals Museum and Hall of Fame is at the top right of the picture across the street.

View from the sky looking east. The left field stands are in the process of being built.

View from the sky looking south. I'm not sure what the giant metallic looking thing is at the outside of the left field stands, but looks from this view to be on an angle. Like a giant slide.

Work being done in the outfield. At least Eckstein's Buildings have been removed. Ahh, the power of the people!

New big screen HDTV for Cardinals fans. If you think this is big, you should see the clicker. The only question is- DISH or cable?

Looking southwest back at homeplate. I've got it figured out. Since the view from the Arch will be quite similar, I think I can save money on tickets and just buy my way to the top of the Arch. I can watch a whole game for under 10 bucks. I'll need a radio to listen to Mike, and a nice, cold, frosty one.

There is at last a pitching rubber. But the rest of the infield would look better covered with grass. I hope someone has thought of that. Right now, if it were a dog, it would look like a Mexican Hairless.

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