Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Boy, Did I Goof Up Again

If I'd have known this was for sale, it would have shot to the top of the Christmas Wish List. A day late and a dollar short. Again.

This is a 90 minute DVD chronicling the wonderful times we all had. Oh well, there's always next year.

By the way, on the cover collage, although it looks as though Ozzie Smith is nose-diving off the top of the Busch Stadium roof, I don't recall this ever happening. I suspect some "tricksy" photography is going on. E-mail me if you remember this actually occurring.

And for a time lapse perspective of the Busch Stadium demolition, KMOV has come through again. Click here to view.

And don't forget the live stadium construction camera the good KMOV folks have here. It's updated every 10 minutes.

Spring training is less than 50 days away. Just remember that as you're shoveling snow. Or doing whatever else you have to do to get through winter.

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