Thursday, January 05, 2006

It Looks Like It Was Meant To Be!

Some people believe in coincidences. I don't. Check out these photos I "borrowed" from the KMOV website of the new stadium construction.

First, looking northwest from the air. Do you see something on the ground?

Here it is coming into clearer focus.

From a different angle looking south. Do you see it?

Voila! Here it is! A baseball diamond! On the actual site they are building the new stadium! Can you believe it? In this photo below, it appears they are in the process of "uncovering" it. I hope they called in some professional archaeologists to do the excavation of this ancient ball diamond. I wonder who played here? Perhaps Lewis and Clark before starting their famous expedition. And to find it almost in the exact spot the new diamond was going to be made in the new stadium is almost beyond belief. Tell me this stadium was not meant to be!

Pretty cool, huh?

Last week the sign on the southwest corner went up. And there's that darn highway 40 to the right side of the picture.

Some photos of the eastern part of the ballpark showing the work on the giant scoreboard behind the bleachers in right field.

View looking north, with the vast emptiness where old Busch was. Also notice the left field stands are starting to be built, as the northern part of the stadium is being started.

Here is the northeast corner of the complex at the bottom left of the photo. Stan Musial's statue was removed from this street corner a month or more ago. Where he is now I don't know.

The main entrance, on the west side of the stadium, is coming along nicely.

An aerial view from the south, Arch in the upper right of the picture.

Looking east down highway 40 from the air.

Another aerial view from the south looking northeast.


  1. Guten Tag Scottius Maximus! The new Busch Stadium is going to be so cool!
    Vielen Dank for the "fantastic" pictures!! Bis spater!

  2. Frau Lucy,
    Guten abend! Ja, ich zustimmen. Unser neue Busch Stadium ist ausgezeichnet!