Friday, January 20, 2006

A Post Inspired By A Beautiful Woman

Before I get in trouble, I'd better clarify this. The woman is my wife. Okay?

Now, everyone, take out their driver's license.

Look at the weight that is listed.

I'll wager that the weight listed ends in a 0 or a 5.

Am I right?

My wife's ends in a 4. As in 114.

Now, I'm wondering, who else puts an actual weight and doesn't round up or down to a 0 or 5?

And does anyone put 1/2 at the end? Like 185 1/2 lbs.? Or ounces? As in 193 lbs 11 oz.?

I'm curious.


  1. My ends in a 7. I should also state that I haven't weight that amount since...ummm...nineteen ninety...something. I just put down something believable that looks good and for some reason, odd numbers appeal to me. I am under no moral obligation to tell the state exactly what I weigh. It's none of their business. I do try to put down something that will help them locate me if I'm missing or identify my body if I'm found dead. (If I put down 100 when I'm really 150, that wouldn't be helpful.) Other than that, the number is my choice!

  2. I wonder if the collection of this data dates back to when there were no pictures on licenses.

    But wouldn't it be great if they had scales right in the middle of the DMV? "Funny, but you don't look like you weigh only 120, ma'am. Step right this way, please. I'm challenging that declaration."

  3. Yeah, scales would be my worst nightmare. I'd have to revolt.

  4. If I weighed 114, I'd put the actual number down too. : )
    Go Mrs. Maximus!