Tuesday, February 21, 2006

How About A St. Louis Vacation This Summer?

Now that the ballpark is getting much closer to completion and its opening day only 47 days away (is that possible?), the next phase of development is coming in to focus. From KMOV, I "borrowed" some more pictures that show what the Ballpark Village Complex is being planned to look like.

First of all, looking northeast.

Looking east. The old Busch Stadium stood here, and the road, obviously, was not there. Moving to the east down Clark St. is where first base in the old stadium was.

Look at all the development going in there, north of the new stadium. What? You can't read all that?

On this wacky map, east is on top, north to the left, and so on, and so on.

I'm not sure, but it looks like something's on fire in the background. And is that the outline of a great pyramid back there?

I'm completely turned around here. Are we looking north from the galleria? Who knows?

This is a funky picture. It's supposed to be taken from one of the buildings in the village looking south onto the field, but the shadowy figures are freaking me out. Looks a little like those folks have been raptured or something. Weird color scheme, too, man.

I'm thinking of expanding Scottius Maximus Enterprises into the travel industry. I think my explanations would benefit most travelers. Right?

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