Thursday, February 23, 2006

In The Year 2525 2006

When I was a little one, age 6, I remember hearing the song "In The Year 2525" by Zager and Evans and being mesmerized by it. I just loved it. As I got older I forgot all about it, until I heard it again on an oldies station 10 or 15 years ago. Then I thought it was good music with a kind of kooky theme.

Later I discovered the many websites publishing song lyrics, and I looked up "In The Year 2525". I guess those lyrics are fine. For 1969. But they need a little tweaking. A little updating, if you will. For the 21st Century.

And I'm just the ape to do it.

By the way, if you go to this website, it has cheesy "In The Year 2525" music playing in the background. But it isn't as bad as the background music of the Petals Around The Rose site linked to by World Magazine's Blog last year. Click here to listen to that. Rush's "Red Barchetta" on a toy keyboard? Are you kidding me? Vomit.

Anyway, my digression is over, and without further fanfare, here it is...

"In The Year 2525 2006"
Music by Zager and Evans. Words by Zager, Evans, and Scottius Maximus (with humble apologies to Zager and Evans).

In the year 2525
If our blogs are still alive.
If our words can survive, you may find...

(Kick up tempo)
In the year 3535
Ain't gonna need to speak, or in the morning rise.
Everything you think, do and say,
Is in the Blogger post you wrote that day.

In the year 4545
Newsweek's still keepin' Cheney's shotgun blast alive.
Hatin' on Bush, Number 43,
Hasn't stopped in 25 centuries.

In the year 5555
We're still laughing at the worst of AI.
Now the descendants of William Hung,
are gettin' flamed by Simon's offspring's tongues.

In the year 6565
Roman Numerals are finally pushed to the side.
MMMMDCXCIX is too lengthy
For that year's Super Bowl Trophy.

In the year 7510
"I Love Lucy" is gonna still be on then.
Look out for everyone, we'll all be crazy...
'Cause Barney's "bat eggs" become reality.

In the year 8510
Will the Cubs ever win it all, even by then?
In downtown St. Louis will Busch 3 still stand ,
Or will they tear it down and start again. Whoa-oh

In the year 9595
I'm kinda wonderin if Ablaze! will be alive.
Bettin' they're still short of their man-made goal.
Of "reaching" 100 million souls. Whoa-oh

(Slow down again)
Now it's been ten thousand years
I've made you cry a billion tears.
For a purpose I never knew,
Now my blog is through.

But through eternal night.
The twinkling of starlight.
So very far away.
Maybe it's only yesterday.

(Pick up the tempo again)
In the year 2525
If my blog is still alive.
If my words can survive, they may find...

In the year 3535 {fade}


  1. This is very weird. That is the one song that absolutely scared the *&^% out of me when I was growing up. It was a strange fascination like a june bug headed to the bug zapper; the song scared me, but I loved it. The future was the one big fear I had growing up...too much Star Trek and not enough catechism, I think.

  2. It was kind of a creepy song. But even so, I just loved it. You just couldn't "look away".

    I didn't have enough catechism, either. But I never had enough Star Trek!

  3. I don't remember the song but was always bothered by the talk of the future such as in Star Trek (not enough catechism training either). Anyway, I like your song Scottius Maximus, especially about the reference to Lucy!

  4. A songster after me own heart...I Like IT! Updated and all.


  5. Thank you very much, Lucy and Karen. Only now I wish I would have mentioned Star Trek and catechisms in the song!