Friday, February 24, 2006

New Ballpark Photos From New Perspectives

Thank you, cameraperson, whoever you are. This is awesome. From STLToday.

This is the view coming west from Illinois. This is the right field corner of the stadium.

This is a photo from south of the stadium and highway 40 looking northerly toward the same corner.

View looking southerly and slightly westerly.

Looking southwest. The right of the photo is where the Clark Street extension is going to pass through with the ball park village to the north.

Nice Hardee's sign, huh?

Light tower and scoreboard with Cardinals clock.

North of the new stadium looking back east toward the river. Ladies and gentlemen, the ball park village is looking quite prehistoric at present. You can still see where the old Busch's outline is.

Looking due east, this is where Clark Street will continue on north of the new stadium.

And if you'd rather watch a video of the new stadium, click here.

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  1. Hey Scottius!! These are the best yet for our new stadium!!