Sunday, March 26, 2006

Busch's 57 Varieties

The other day I woke up to find on the KMOV website the following pictures. It looked as though some one had put white frosting and a light dusting of powdered sugar on the new Busch Stadium.

Although I like frosting, love sugar, and am quite sure the ballpark would have tasted just fine, I prefer my Busch unfrosted, like this:

The new Clark Street at the north of the new stadium looks ready to pave. And the outfield wall and bleachers are going in.

The left field upper deck seats aren't in yet. To which I can only quietly advise the following:

I heard somewhere that the reason for this was that the "facilities" aren't ready yet. I'm guessing that means the johns. This part of the stadium may not be ready for opening day. How'd that happen?

Fifteen days and this puppy officially opens. I doubt it's going to be ready.

The really scary thing is they are going to have a "practice game" run through with two minor league affiliates a week from tomorrow. Prediction: No way that's going smoothly.

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