Thursday, March 30, 2006

Lights, Camera, Arch...And... IS THAT BLOOD?

Well, the lights work. I hope they spent enough money to get a decent string of lights. Not like those Christmas tree ones where if one blows, the whole bunch quits.

I'm not sure, but if you stare long enough into the lights in this photo, I think you start to see the words "Scottius Maximus."

Those aren't bleachers down there. It's a holding zone for thousands of cases of Bud Light.

The jumbo-scoreboard is done. Here it is showing the view from Mike Shannon's villa.

The new stadium's field has about twice the illumination of the old, although there are fewer (only 4) banks of lights the outfielders must battle.

KSDK has a video of the stadium under the lights.

What's with this photo below with the camera? I have no clue why on earth KMOV thought a picture of the back of a camera guy's head was publishing-worthy.

The view from atop the Arch, courtesy of Redbird Central.

But what's up with the picture below? Blood around the warning track? I didn't know "sacrifices" were going to be part of the stadium-opening festivies.

I think this is the left field corner. I'm glad they kept the green colored walls. It looks very much like the old stadium corner.

The upper deck in left field either still has no seats- or is going to be a giant sandbox for people to frolic in. One of the many new "atmospheres" to this park. And doesn't the grass look purty?

(Okay. So it's not really blood. Happy now?)


  1. I didn't know "sacrifices" were going to be part of the stadium-opening festivies.

    It was either that or ditch the infield fly rule. :)

  2. I'm sure Eckstein, Pujols, Spivey, and Rolen could do without infield flies.

    Speaking of insects, do you remember the game a few years ago at the old Busch that was at least partially decided by insects? I think it was against the Giants in 2000, and Barry Bonds lost a ball in the Biblical-scale scene, allowing 3 runs to score.

    Returning to the present, at least they did ditch the building behind second base. Otherwise we WOULD have seen blood on the field.