Monday, March 27, 2006

The Next Number One Show

I'm pitching a new program to Fox. Ready?

American Blogger!

Bloggers from all over the United States audition their blogs on television. For instance, they could read select postings they have made. Or present them on a jumbotron monitor.

Then a judge panel, led by yours truly, will berate them in front of a national audience.

And then even more bloggers can blog about it the next day. So the whole thing just self-perpetuates.

I get to be Simon!

And do you know why I get to be Simon?

Because I called it.


  1. Kind of like The Gong Show? Or listening to Dr. Laura? That reminds me - I saw a very funny blogging cartoon the other day. Can't remember where, but I'll find it and post it. (I'm just like my dad; I can't remember the punch line to jokes, but I start laughing anyway.) Very funny cartoon, I promise.

  2. I never realized it until your comment, but The Gong Show, Dr. Laura, and reality TV all capitalize on the concept that people are willing to let themselves be humiliated.

    I just hope in 15 years we don't hear claims Dr. Laura was a CIA assassin, like Mr. Barris.

  3. Chuck Barris claims he was once a CIA assassin.