Friday, March 24, 2006

This Will Warm Your Heart And Make You Feel More Secure

My friend's mother, who is 85, has been banking at the same Chicago bank for 40 years. In other words, she has known these people for 40 years. They even know her by her first name.

She is a very active woman who still works part-time at K Mart. So she is responsible and on the ball.

But she doesn't drive, so she has no photo identification (she walks to work). So, having no photo ID, when she went to the bank to deposit her latest check, they wouldn't do it. Something about homeland security regulations.

Now she has to have her son drive up to Chicago this weekend to take her to the license facility to have a photo ID taken. All so she can cash her check at her bank.

I'll sleep safe tonight. We live in a wonderful country, but sometimes I wonder where this will all end.

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