Friday, March 24, 2006

I'm Going To Have To Forego The Usual Timewasters This Weekend

Because this superhero application has been bogging me down.

It's seven pages long. Some of the questions are easy because they just ask for facts. Others are more difficult.

Here's what I have so far:

Name: Scottius Maximus

Non-superhero name and occupation: Mark. Just a simple country doctor.

Describe your costume and physical appearance: Well, duh, just look at my picture and imagine me with a red cape.

Does your superhero have any talents or hobbies? Blogging. And radio-blogging, if anyone would show me how.

What are your superheroes catch phrases? "What would Maria say (or think, or do)?" "This would make an interesting post."

Does your superhero have any specific friends, family, or loved ones? Well, yeah. I have parents like everyone else has. What am I, a plant? And I count as friends the entire Confessional Lutheran and Cardinal Nation.

What are your superheroes weaknesses? Definitely clowns. I am terrified of clowns. Fortunately I keep this a secret from my enemies. I also have an aversion to Jimmy Olsen and Chachi from Happy Days.

What are your superheroes strengths? I've been well catechized.

I'm still working on my primary powers, my background story, and my special weapons and tools as well as other specifics about my non-superhero life. And, as I said, this is taking more time than I thought. I have yet to find a deadline for this, so I'm taking my time. I need to review the archives for more ideas.

And I need a song. I definitely need to come up with a theme song.


  1. Open this in Internet Explorer. Can't explain it, but its a agonizing way. Maybe a little too dramatic for a superhero, expecially the part of dying for those you try to save, but it could work in a funky modern sort of way.

    Kick me when I'm down.
    Wretch and taste the tears.
    Clench and grab my stomach and
    wipe my nose clear.

    Staggered breaths come quickly
    The rhythm section of my pain
    Can't breath, can't breath
    can't breath, now scream

    This is my love
    The sound of my heart breaking
    that flows from these open wounds that can only
    that can only
    be healed by the stitches of time

    I would die for you, I would die for you, I would die for you

  2. Sorry, here's the link:

    It's obviously someone's basement band. I just did a search for Maximus lyrics and up it popped!

  3. Songs with references to wiping the nose are no doubt on the road to Grammy Glory.

    I Googled the same thing you did. I didn't realize there were so many Maximus references in songs. And with that search I discovered a new heavy metal band called "Circus Maximus".

    I think I'll write my own song, though. And I'm not going with this dying for others deal. I'll have to specify this in the superhero contract.