Monday, May 01, 2006

A New Personality Quiz?

I have a novel idea. I'm going to ask a question, and your response will be determined by your personality.

If I say the phrase, "garden shots", what comes to your mind?

A. Basketball at Madison Square Garden?

B. Boxing at Madison Square Garden?

C. A drinking contest in someone's flower bed?

D. Photos from my garden.

Okay, so this was just a cheap ruse to post some pictures of my garden. What about it?

Blooming Vinca, with their beautiful little blue flowers.

Sky Jacket Hyacinths- A Close Up

Hyacinths and early blooming daffodils from early April, with some sedums and grasses emerging.

Early morning in one of the tulip beds around Easter. These are called Big Smile. Probably because they are big. They're well over 2 feet tall.

Triumph Red Tulips in another bed in early morning.


  1. Those are beautiful photos. Nice gardening! My husband planted new flower beds last fall and it has been nice to watch daffodils, hyacinth and tulips come up this spring. I'll have to post some photos, too.

  2. Thanks for your kind words.

    There is delayed gratification in planting fall bulbs, but it sure makes spring fun.

    Please do post some photos.

  3. "garden shots"

    E. Enjoying adult beverages in small quantities using funny shaped glasses, um, in a garden? :)

    Cheers! and good pictures, btw :)

  4. You have done a good job with all the flower beds Scottius!! They make our yard look so much nicer! :) Now, we just have to keep that bunny out!!

  5. You probably cannot tell, but I'm blushing.

  6. Bah. When I answered this at the airport I didn't see option C. Yet the monkey holds one heck of a shot glass...

    As far as bunnies, I chased three babies out of our yard yesterday when I mowed the lawn. They made it out safely. :)

  7. In the gorilla world, there are shots, and then again, there are SHOTS.

    I want to like bunnies, I really do. But, alas, I cannot. Too destructive.