Thursday, May 25, 2006

Why Me?

Picture of me getting up in the morning.

Since I am apparently banned forever from commenting on World Magazine Blog or Cranach (something about me being spam), I'll just link to a few posts that caught my eye from both.

Mr. Vieth's Cranach has a nice mention of Albert Pujols.

World Magazine has a discussion on banning smoking in public and on the selling of Christ as commodity.

And why would they ban me? ME?


  1. You are NOT banned. That happens to all Blogger links (which you probably put in the info about me section of the comment box.) Just don't put that in right now and your comment will go through. Also, send him an email (he asked for people to do that) and let him know. He WANTS us to comment, but he apparently gets lots of spam comments and has to set his filter on high. GEVeithATaolDOTcom

  2. Thanks, TK. Although in a way I'm disappointed. I guess I'm not as powerful as I thought. I was having delusions (reader, I know what you're thinking) of grandeur.

    Why doesn't he just use a word verification thingy?