Thursday, June 08, 2006

More Random Thoughts On A Beautiful Spring Day

- I believe it is important that one understand the pastor's sermon each Sunday. After all, he is preaching God's Word for our edification. That's why I advocate raising one's hand at church during the sermon and asking the pastor "Excuse me, could you repeat that?" if something is not understood.

- Why are we trying to spread freedom in this world? Look what has happened to our country because of freedom. Freedom to have abortions, freedom to live wanton lives, freedom to watch porno, freedom to live greedily, freedom to make a mess of everything. Don't we believe that man left to his own device, will muck everything up? Do we really need to spread more freedom? Aren't we just spreading our own sin around? Making others slaves to our own sin? Isn't man totally depraved? Isn't it only the truth that sets us free? So why are we so enamored of freedom? I know I've never lived under an oppressive regime, nor do I want to. I am just being philosophical.

- Who was Kiki Dee and why did Elton John want to record a song with her? And how could she not use that song to catapult to a huge singing career?

- A lot of people are bashing Wikipedia nowadays for not being 100% accurate 100% of the time. I kind of like Wikipedia. And I've learned so much from it. For instance, did you know there were orignally nine dwarves in the draft of Snow White? Two were cut for nefarious reasons. The first was named Winston, a chain-smoking Harley Rat with a chronic cough who refused to bathe. RJ Reynolds nixed that one. The second was Inger, a female dwarf with a Swedish accent who worked odd jobs as a wet nurse and sideshow assistant. No explanation given for her disappearance, but I think the original Snow White was jealous.

- How did "The Weather" become a segment on our local newscasts? Once they run down the high and low temperatures for the day, it's all conjecture and speculation. A 70% chance of rain? What's that about? Where do they come up with these numbers? I'm 80% sure they make them up. Translation- 70% chance of rain means "I'm pretty sure but not positive it's going to rain, so don't be shocked if it doesn't, okay?" Why can't they just say that? I understand that better than 70 or 80% chance of rain.

- I'd love to see the news anchor or the sportscaster do the same thing. "There's a 70% chance of a flat fastball and an 80% chance of a hanging curve from Jason Isringhausen the next 3 days."

- Have you or anyone you know ever been "a person of interest" in anything? Sounds kind of exciting! But what exactly does it mean?

- I'm thinking of adding a new crop to my garden next year. Just how easy is it to grow tobacco?

- How in the world did NES become enamored by mushrooms? Mario Bros. franchise is loaded with them. How did they decide on a mushroom, though? Aren't they fungi? What, was yeast not recognizable enough for the TV screen? Did ringworm not seem "magical" enough for gameplay? I don't get it.

- I'm tempted to break out in song the next time I walk in to a crowded restaurant. To the tune of Eleanor Rigby, I'm going to loudly bellow, "AHHH...Look at all the hungry people." So watch out, Lucy.

- Speaking of Beatle songs, my son had a hilarious interpretation of "I Am The Walrus" the other night at a local eatery. After I perused the menu and verbally considered the walleye on the menu, he came up with the new lyrics, "I am the walleye."

- Diamond Dave or Sammy Hagar? I'm more in league with Sammy. I think the only reason that people like the Dave era is because Van Halen was more guitar oriented in that era, whereas when Sammy came along synthesizers had become prominent. Which has nothing to do with either lead singer. I just have always liked Sammy, both pre-Van Halen and post-Van Halen.

- I've got what I think is a great idea for a new type of amusement park. It would be a series of racetracks with only one car allowed at a time, and would have hundreds of famous cars available to patrons to choose from for their driving pleasure. An open road with a Ferrari, Porsche, Classic GTO, Red Barchetta, or whatever else suits your fancy, and no speed limit or traffic. I bet people would plop down good money for the opportunity.


  1. This has to be the weirdest, darkest, most sarcastic random thoughts ever. Sure, you threw in a couple happy ones to fool us, but not me.

    Raising your hand in church - I predict this will be encouraged in evangelical churches within the next seven years.

    Freedom - that's not a random thought. Nor philosophical. It's a depressing thought. Of course, my husband frequently accuses me of living with rose-colored glasses.

    Kiki Dee - Didn't she and Elton have a brief fling when he was still "on the fence" about which yard he wanted to live in?

    Wikipedia - legitimate random thought with a very depressing edge to it. The great thing about Wikipedia is that it is owned by the people of the world. Anyone can write in it and anyone can edit it. Of course, the main assumption is the good (additions) will triumph over evil (additions)...which probably isn't a safe assumption on Wiki's part.

    Weather - again, a very negative take on the weather segment. Go drink the Kool-aid and watch it again.

    Sports - That would be funny!

    Person of interest - Always bad. Always. Think back to when you heard your mother shout, "Scottius Maximus! Come here right now!"

    Growing tobacco - negative, unless it was for cigars or pipes. Cigars and pipes, good. Cigarettes, legal but not good.

    I don't know what NES is. Ringworms??? My theory is that the original creators were the younger brother geeks of hippies and were heavily influenced by the wall poster and album art of their older siblings. Just a guess.

    Singing in restaurants, not good.

    Coming up with funny song interpretations based on menus, good...and very creative.

    Van Halen - Definitely a guy band. My only interest in Van Halen was that Valerie Bertinelli married one of them.

    Racetrack Amusement park - you can operate it next to my Rock n' Roll Nursing Home.

  2. Sorry. Didn't mean to be weird, I've just been in a weird mood this week. Just look at the rest of my posts.

    Kiki Dee and Elton John were neighbors?

    "Scottius Maximus! Come here right now!"YIKES! That got my attention- haven't heard that in a while.

    My question regarding tobacco relates to whether it makes pretty flowers. And yes, only cigar tobacco...although pipe would not be bad.

    NES is Nintendo Entertainment Systems.

    I'll put the racetrack next to the nursing home. But the oldsters cannot play, they can only watch.

  3. Yes dear, I would rather you didn't sing at a restaurant even though you have a nice voice and make up funny songs! And, I would rather you didn't grow tobacco in the back yard. I love the smell of cigars or pipes like you, but we don't live in Kentucky or the South!:)

  4. Okay, Luce. But don't complain to me if your entertainment dollar value goes down.

  5. Alright honey, I just can't hack smoking those cigars anymore!! tee hee :)

  6. Uh huh. You're not supposed to inhale, Lucy.