Monday, June 26, 2006

That Jimmy Buffett Sure Is A Good Guy

Such were my thoughts a couple of days ago when I read the Drudge Report and saw the headline:
"Buffett To Give Away His Fortune."

Then I realized it wasn't Jimmy, but tycoon Warren.

Still, a nice thing to do.

Then I find out that he is giving his billions to...Bill Gates.

Now, I know I'll never be in a position to give away billions of dollars, but...

Don't you think it's a little ironic that the 2nd richest guy in the world is giving his fortune to the richest guy in the world?

Does anyone else see the comedy here? I mean, he has $37,000,000,000 to give away. He can give it to anyone, anywhere, that he desires.

That's 37 with 9 zeroes. And all he can think of to do with it is give it to one guy? A guy who has an even bigger numeral in front of his 9 zeroes?

What's up with this? There are thousands of charities out there. And he's going to give it all to Bill Gates Foundation?

I'll never understand this world.


  1. ...end up the property of Bill Gates.

  2. I think Kieschnick missed the boat with aBLAZE? He only needs to convince one man to part with 0.3% of his estate to hit the goal.

    Oops, I forgot, it's about the saved, not the money.

  3. Right on, The Quipper.

    Pope Jerry should visit these men.