Tuesday, June 27, 2006

All Eyes Fall...

To the Gateway City this week.

Why? Because the Indians are in town to play the Cardinals.

Which means two of the worst relievers in the majors have a chance to duke it out to see who can vomit up a game in the most spectacular way.

In this corner...Jason Isringhausen of the Cardinals.

In the far corner...Guillermo Mota of the Indians.

Hat tip to Indians fan Barb The Evil Genius for pointing out the misery-inducing Mota. The carnage factor in this series makes it interesting to watch.


  1. Looks like yesterday was the Battle of the Big Bats. I loves me some Travis Hafner.

  2. My money would be on Izzy, except our starting rotation has been blowin' em long before he gets a chance....


  3. Mota was that "can't miss" set-up man the Indians wanted after Howry went to the Cubbies.

    I think they missed. Some would call it subtraction by addition.

    The Quipper (a disgruntled Tribe fan back to the days of Dwayne Kuiper and Rick Manning)

  4. Thanks, folks for the comments. Although this series (and the past 10 days for that matter) has been difficult, it's always fun to have a series between two of baseball's more historic franchises.

    I don't know who has more to be disgruntled about at this point. Mota has been effective until this year, as has Isringhausen. Since one knows they CAN do better, it's a lot more frustrating to watch them.

    Usually it takes until an October playoff series to discover the Cardinals aren't going to win the World Series. To realize it in June is quite disheartening. This team you are seeing is lifeless. The spark they have had the past two years is apparently gone, despite Eckstein and Pujols exploits. Maybe it's the team's makeup, the personalities that our GM has assembled together. Uggh, this is just getting ugly.

    Anyway, after you all leave St. Louis, I hope it goes well for you the rest of the way. I'll be rooting for you.

  5. Thanks. My wife was born outside of St. Louis, so her National League team of choice is the Cards. We wish the best for you, too.

  6. Well, you managed to beat us with Isringhausen. Although both teams tried really hard to lose that last game, didn't they? Wishing the Cards well. At least you guys have a chance of making it to the playoffs. *Sniff*.

  7. Yes, Barb, both teams fought hard to "come from ahead" and lose. I'd forgotten what it was like to win a game.

    I'm afraid our team's woes have rubbed off on you all after seeing that 9th inning, a la "cooties". It was a truly horrific display of baseball those last couple of innings. My only advice- your team may need an exorcist after being around the Cardinals, before it loses 8 straight games.

    Good luck to the Indians. I'll be rooting for you all.

  8. TK,
    How come the Twins didn't come to St. Louis? We played every other team in your division. I'm sure they could have used the nearly-guaranteed wins.

    See what you can do about that on your end before next year's schedule is done.

  9. Sadly, the Indians are capable of playing terrible baseball all on their own, as our below .500 record attests. Although I think our longest losing streak this year has only been 7 straight games. When the sports show after the game would rather talk about the Cavaliers picks in the basketball draft than the game that was just played, it's not good.

  10. "When the sports show after the game would rather talk about the Cavaliers picks in the basketball draft than the game that was just played, it's not good."

    What you just said is the very definition of "bad season".

  11. Agreed! Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory is starting to get a little old. When's the first football game?