Saturday, July 29, 2006

Attention, All Smart People...

"Now is the time to come to the aid of your neighbor," as Barney Fife might say. We need people 'more smarter' than us folks.

Read the comments of this post and then vote on who's right and who's wrong:

a- Lutheran Lucy.
b- Scottius Maximus.

Let's just say we disagree on this one.


  1. I'll go out on a limb: "a unique".

    You go by the sounds. Do you say "a hour" or "an hour?" Why? The h is silent and you pronounce the vowel.

    a unique: a yoo neek...there seems to be a consanant sound in there. :)

  2. After all that I can't spell consonant. Guess I blew my credibility. :)

  3. The ape wins. See this.

    Thank God for Google, because I am gramatically challenged. :-)

  4. Not a grammar Nazi myself but I am a writer by trade. To avoid the "a" vs "an" issue write...

    "He certainly is unique!"

    At work we have these discussions all the time. We write in an AP (journalism) style - the fewer words the better.

    Personally, I prefer a more conversational writing style.

  5. DMG - agreed! But then, I would assume the purpose of journalism writing is not to inject your personality. I like the conversational style because you can learn about the writer.

  6. Scottius, nasty rumor that Belliard and Mota are going to the Cards. Can you qualify? And if true, who is the Tribe getting in return?

  7. It's Luna for Belliard. Done deal.

  8. Okay guys, I looked it up, and I concede! I guess I am the ONE who blew my credibility! :)

    Honey, don't you say anything about that comment! :) Ha! Ha!

    Des_moines_girl, I like your idea! I will remember that next time, especially when I am writing in the presence of a gorilla!! :)