Friday, July 07, 2006

Hey, Ringo!

Did you know one of my favorite Beatles songs is Octopus's Garden?

Speaking of gardens...

Here are some more garden photos. Most things are doing well. I've only killed one plant so far. The rabbits got a few others.

This was still in spring...

Bell Song Daffodils. Yeah, that's the shadow of my giant ape-head.

This was a beautiful Lamb's Ear. Unfortunately, I got a little overzealous with the Sevin a couple of weeks ago. Killed this sucker dead (is there any other way to be killed?) in about 5 days. Don't try this at home.

Phlox of the white lands.

Phlox of the lavender lands.

This dude blooms all spring, summer, and fall, but only opens up during daylight, closing back up at night. He's an interesting one called Colorado Gold Gazania.

Purple Dragon Lamium. This has turned out to be great ground cover, although it is tending to become invasive the longer it's there. I'm anxious to see how it fares against the English Ivy behind it. Let 'em duke it out for supremacy.

Spireas, on opposite ends of the house.

These are two interesting creatures: Herman's Archangel above and Wormwood below. These were planted this spring. Neither has spectacular flowers. They are more shrub like. I think the thing that drew me to both is the textures of each. The Archangel feels somewhat fabric-like, while the Wormwood has a soft, fluffy, almost feathery, feel. Besides...I liked both of their names.

Let's move on to summer...

Oriental trumpet lily. Nice, subtle fragrance. Just bloomed on July 2nd.

Close up views. Herman's Archangel is back there.

Night time close ups.

Night time lily.

There are two groups of bulbs of this lilly, but the rabbits got the other as a small child. This is the first year I've been able to get this far, because last year the rabbits got all of my lillies.

"Yeaaaaahhhhhh, baby!"

Group of Sedums, variations of Autumn Joy and Purple Emperor with Blue Fescue.

Sedums at night.

Marigolds planted from seed. They are on the cusp of blooming this weekend.

Russian Sage at night.

Russian Sage in daylight.

Sage with Fountain Grass and a patch of Blue Fescue. This poor sage was "trimmed" accidentally by my dog's leash the other day. There are only two branches still standing after his impromptu yard work.

Another Russian Sage. Kind of droopy because, miracle of miracles, it had just rained.

Dave the Bumble Bee dropped by to visit my sage.

Some petunias my wife "planted". Either they are trying to commit suicide by uprooting themselves, or something is trying to dig them up. Mugo pine to the left, Privet in the background.

Goblin Gaillardia. Pretty cool flowers. Kind of like daisies on acid.

Thanks to my parents for the use of their camera. If you'd like to borrow it, I'm sure they wouldn't mind. Just email me and I'll make the arrangements. Or, I can give out their email address. They probably wouldn't care if I give it out to people who they don't know. As long as it is for a good purpose like this.

Okay, just kidding.


  1. Nice pics. Some of your flowers should even grow in our neck of the woods (Cleveland).

    Thanks for offering up your parents camera, too, but I'll decline.

  2. Thanks, The Quipper. The fact they are nice is entirely the work of the camera. I have no idea what I'm doing.

  3. Sounds like me. Have digitial camera, will take photos. The viewer decides whether they look good or not. Mrs. Quipper has a much better eye than I do.

    Rick (Quipper)

  4. All those plants look very nice.

    I like the song Octopus's Garden for a weird reason: because it reminds me of Legoland. :)

  5. Thanks, Barb.

    And, I'm waiting for an explanation to your last sentence!

  6. Thanks for the explanation, Barb. I feel better now!