Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Are Those Books In Your Pocket...?

Although most apes can't read, I've been tagged in the book thingy going around by Lutheran Lucy. Hopefully you'll learn a lot more about me. Here goes:

1. One book that changed your life:
Encyclopedia Brown Solves Them All by Donald J. Sobol. I owe all my intelligence and logic to this book.

2. One book that you have read more than once:
How To Eat Fried Worms by Thomas Rockwell. I learned the hard way that this was not a How-To book.

3. One book you would want on a desert island:
WWF- The Official Book.


4. One book that made you laugh:
The Mouse And The Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary. My friend and I laughed so hard at this book and it's pictures that he actually blew a snot bubble.

5. One book that made you cry:
The Berenstain Bears And The Spooky Old Tree, by Stan and Jan Berenstain. Couldn't sleep for days afterwards.

6. One book that you wish had been written:
Another Two Minute Mysteries book by Donald J. Sobol. I didn't get any of the solutions in the first Two Minute Mysteries book, so I want another chance.

7. One book that you wish had never been written:
Pippi Longstocking I never understood this book. Acid induced fluff, unlike the other books on this list.

8. The book you are currently reading:
Thomas The Tank Engine- Splendid Pop-up Board Book. I just love pop-up books. They've become my favorite.

9. One book you have been meaning to read:
Henry Huggins And The Paper Route by Beverly Cleary. That Henry is such a card.

10. Now tag five people:
1. Mean Gene Okerlund.
2. Bill Clinton.
3. Paul McCartney.
4. Jacques Rogge.
5. Mr. Spock.


  1. Your wish is Donald J. Sobol's command: Voila! Wishing you better luck this time around.

  2. Hey, Barb!


    And, if you can wish a Donald J. Sobol book into existence, I should have fantastic luck.

  3. (eerie voice) "You tag dead people."

    (The quipper and I enjoy misquoting movies and songs at the most appropriate times)

  4. Dr. Spock is dead, I'm not sure about the others on your list. You weren't referring to Spock the Vulcan from Star Trek, were you!?