Friday, August 11, 2006

Since I Am In A Testing Mood

Have you been spending too much time outside gardening or landscaping?

Take this simple test.

Have someone read you Psalm 65.

When you come to the 13th verse, what did you think of in your mind's eye?

I thought of this (phlox)...

...instead of this (flocks).


  1. Hey, Dan@NR!

    THAT'S scary...a dude whose forehead is ripped.

  2. Another reason English is so fun!

  3. I don't know what I'd post about if I were Spanish.

  4. So Dan hasn't been gardening too much, just watching too much Star Trek! :)

    I haven't been gardening too much at all, as my flower beds would show!

    If you were Spanish, you'd be posting about "los rebaños"! :) One advantage of a Lutheran high school, we spent part of Spanish II (or was it III?) reading Bible stories in Spanish.

  5. Hey, Barb!

    How'd you get that squiggly thing? And can you make an umlaut?

  6. ü Gut genug? It's very easy, albeit "cheating." Open up a new document in Microsoft Word, then choose Insert->Symbol. All the vowels with the umlauts over them, as well as the n with the tilde (squiggly) over it and lots of other symbols, are in Latin1, in my version of Word at least. Choose what you want, copy it, paste it into the comment box. Muy fácil.

  7. Thanks, Barb. What will they think of next with them darn computers?

    Yeee HAW!