Monday, September 11, 2006

The "Transporter"

Sometimes, when I click the "Publish Post" button on my computer screen, it doesn't get taken right away, and so a screen comes up showing the progress of the post with a little triangular-exclamation-point-thingy on the screen and lines going around it. As if there are some weird things happening on the other end. And so my imagination takes off and I start thinking about Blogger having the Star Trek transporter, as if it is "beaming up" my little words to their star ship. But then, all of a sudden, it is having trouble getting through, still only 20% published, so Scotty resets the transporter, and tries to pull it back in after another order from Kirk to "energize, Mr. Scott". But then there's an explosion that rocks the Enterprise and so my post is caught up in the middle of nowhere, not on my computer, and yet not yet received on Scotty's end. Still only 20% published. Somebody do something! Scotty suffers a concussion from the blast, rendering him worthless, so Spock intervenes by pushing Scotty aside. Now he tries to retrieve my post. Suddenly I'm up to 60% published. But still stuck there. Don't lose it Spock! Meanwhile, McCoy is yelling at Spock something about him being an emotionless robot for hurting Mr. Scott's feelings by pushing him aside, and asking him if he'd like a pitch fork to go with his "blasted" pointed ears. Mr. Spock raises his right eyebrow and lets loose with a barrage of effortless, incredibly dry, "country doctor" insults. And then a Klingon ship shows up and the captain orders General Quarters. And I'm still at 60% published. Bring it in Spock, don't lose it! My post's destiny hangs in the balance! Deflector shields up, Kirk outmaneuvers the alien vessel, allowing Mr. Spock time to "re-energize" and save my post. Whew! My post published 100%

And then, at other times, my post goes through just fine.


  1. I just found a funny blog written by Captain Picard. Check out his post on transporter repairs. It's very funny!

  2. TK!

    I knew it. These transporters we're using on Blogger are junk.

    By the way, where do you find these places?

  3. I don't know how I keep finding these places, but the notion that there are many more blogworlds to explore keeps me going. Kind of like Star Trek! :)

  4. Well that's quite a "logical" post.

    "Gentlemen, I suggest you beam me aboard."

    And Barb....... you don't know how... ahem, entertaining our world is.