Tuesday, October 31, 2006

For All The Error Talk...

Sure, it helped that the Tigers threw us some runs, but that didn't win this World Series.

It's as simple as the following:
If they can't score on you, they can't win, no matter how few errors they commit.

This is how championships are won. Hat tip Viva El Birdos.

Cardinals 2006 Post-Season Pitching
era- 2.68
avg- .219
obp- .291
slg- .355
k/9- 6.83
hr/9- 0.77

Give credit where credit is due. I've never been a big Tony LaRussa fan, or a Dave Duncan fan. But they both have now "officially" earned their genius labels in my book for their near perfect game plans.

When you are constantly in the shadow of Whitey Herzog, constantly surrounded by Musial, Ozzy, Brock, Gibson, (and Shannon!), I can see where the pressure might become unbearable at times. After 11 seasons in St. Louis, they have finally "earned their stripes." Welcome, gentlemen, to the "St. Louis Club Of Immortality".

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