Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Odds And Ends

Here are a cool picture and some stories that have been posted on Cardinals Clubhouse, and a video from Redbird Central.

Some jokes from Jay Leno:

"Of course tonight they are playing a lot of scary programs
. Nightmare on Elmstreet is on. Texas Chainsaw massacre is on. Though in Detroit to scare people they are just rerunning the World Series

David Eckstein is here. He’s a little guy. In fact, right after she saw him play, Madonna tried to adopt him. She ran out on the field and held him……"

Here's Eckstein on Leno. You'll need Real Player.
I love
the story about how he got so much flack from the media for not taking off and sitting out on Yom Kippur, a la Shawn Green . Eckstein just said, "I'm not Jewish."

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