Saturday, October 28, 2006

It's A Beautiful Day

Hit it, Balki.

"Now we are so happy, let's do the Dance of Joy."

Click here for audio of the dance, which should be performed while viewing the following:

Thank you, St. Louis Cardinals.


  1. Go Cards! New Guy at the office is in 7th heaven - big Cards fan.

    Left work early yesterday on a World Series road trip with his friends. He doesn't have tickets - hoping to score some. Now that's a true fan!

  2. Great pictures honey!! Good old Cardinals!!!!! Now you can catch up on your rest!! :)

  3. Very happy for you and all the other Cards fans, Scottius. Hope you have recovered from last night! :)

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  5. DMG!

    Thanks! I hope he isn't this guy .


    Sleep, I've learned, while over-rated, is a necessity of life.


    I'm very thankful and full of joy. I'll never recover from last night. I was so nervous at the end I was practically biting on the blanket I had over me.

    There have been seven WS champions the past seven years. Here's to hoping the Indians are next so that you can feel this awesome felling...that is, if the Cardinals can't make it back!

  6. We were thrilled with your victory at our house!

    Now that you have your victory we'll take Belliard back, if you please!

  7. MarieN!

    Thanks. Belliard seems to be late season good luck, so I'd wait until the trading deadline to acquire him back.