Thursday, October 26, 2006

Stray Thought Alert

After almost two months, I just realized why HGTV's Design Star winner, David, won the contest. Ready?

He looks quite a bit like Mr. Spock.

Alice doesn't look like Spock. I'm not sure she's ever contemplated this misfortune since her loss a few weeks back.

I consider it a certitude of life that, all things being equal, someone who looks like Spock will always triumph over someone who doesn't. It's just the way the world works.


  1. Hey Scottius!

    Whatcha doin' at this time of night? Celebratin' the Cards World Series win, or somethin' like that?!?!?!

    I cheered like they were my home team. :-)

    Congratulations! Great job Cardinals!!!

  2. Sorry honey, I like Spock and all, but my attention is on THE CARDINALS now!!!!!!
    I know you're happy!!! :) You can't beat 'em - they really have class and heart!!

  3. Quipper!

    I thought I could hear you cheering. Thanks for all your support! What a thrill! I was a shade under 19 years old when this last happened, and I'll be 43 in 10 days. You never know when these times will come again in life, if ever, so you bet I'm celebrating! With 3 rounds of the playoffs now it is so, so hard an accomplishment for any team.


    Just a distraction to keep me from worrying about these last 2 games. That's all.