Sunday, November 19, 2006


Way to go Buckeyes. Conquering "evil" Michigan yet again.

And the hits keep rollin' this year. I'm hoping the sports team roll I'm on right now doesn't stop before the Bears win the Super Bowl in early 2007.

In honor of their win, Scottius Maximus Entertainment, another wholly owned subsidiary of Scottius Maximus Enterprises, is proud to rip....errrrr...present a video off of YouTube. Here is The Ohio State Marching Band performing their famous signature formation "Script Ohio". I'm not even an Ohioan and I got chills watching this before the Big Game yesterday.


  1. Scottius! It was a most excellent day yesterday. The game was highly entertaining, and the outcome was fitting. :-)

    Both teams were up for the game, and exceeded everyone's expectations. This game was one for the ages.

    Can you start rooting for the Cavaliers now, too? Maybe your good luck will rub off on them, too.

  2. Quipper!

    Great game. As long as the Knicks officially suck (thanks Thomas), I can get with the Cavaliers.