Saturday, November 11, 2006

Remember Jimmy?

That guy on Seinfeld who always referred to himself in third person? "Jimmy's getting upset!" "Jimmy likes you."

Well, this post isn't about him. Thankfully.

Nope. But this Jimmy is who I'm talking about. The one who has worn birds on a bat the past 7 seasons. The one who has turned down beaucoup outside money to stay in St. Louis and play for the Cardinals. Despite being a "California dude." I think he likes it here.

Welcome back, Jimmy. He will now retire as a Cardinal. I think.


  1. Scottius,

    That's nice to see. We've been waiting for an Indian to do the same thing for a while.

  2. Quipper!

    And after the trade the Indians made this week, do they still have room for Belliard?

  3. Scottius!

    The Tribe no longer needs Belliard. The Cards should sign him while they have the chance.

  4. Quipper!

    Nah, every team needs Belliard!

  5. Is there a good chance for the Cards to take him?

  6. Quipper!

    I just don't know how much he's asking for, so I can't answer that. I'm sure the Cardinals would like to have him back, but probably only as a platoon with Aaron Miles.