Thursday, December 14, 2006

Channel Changing And Station Seeking

Certain songs and certain artists make me frequency modulate my radio stations.

Instead of simply measuring the popularity of an artist by sales, let's ask Nielsen and Arbitron to start measuring their anti-approval. Such as who causes more channel flipping to occur.

Here are my top movers and shakers as of today. (Michael Jackson doesn't count. Too easy.)

Peter Frampton.
"The Lion Sleeps Tonight." Any artist.
Blue Oyster Cult.
Jackson Browne.
"Everybody Loves Raymond". (Except me)
The "Bob And Tom Show".
Matthew Lesko commercials (that guy with the question mark suit and millions in grant money).
"Santa Baby".
Phil Collins.
"South Park".
"Across The Universe" by The Beatles.
Bruce Springsteen. Although I do sort of like "Born In The USA".
Anything with Jim Carrey except "Dumb and Dumber".
Kenny G.
Michael Bolton.
Jon Stewart.
That "Songs of Worship and Praise" CD commercial.
"Happy Days" episodes featuring Joannie or Chachi.

I know there are lots more. But that's all I can think of for now.

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