Thursday, December 21, 2006

Nice Job

So, you won Person Of The Year. I'm proud of you. It was a long time coming, but you persevered.

Yeah, sure, I was hoping it would be me. Or at the very least, us. But, anyway, congratulations on your!

My only consolation is that he didn't win. Or her. Or him, either. If they would have won, I wouldn't have had the will to live.

We might have pulled it off, but I think she had a hand in that.

And thank God, yes, thank God, it wasn't them.


  1. Scottius!

    Please explain to me how tIME decided to give its award to a pronoun?


  2. Quipper!

    I don't know, but if THAT is the best THEY could do, then THEY are not only biased, but completely lame and devoid of any creativity or imagination.

  3. Barb!

    Time is SO yesteryear and irrelevant.

  4. Well, um, yeah! All dead-tree media is so, like, last century. ;)

  5. Barb!



    Consider it tallied. And might I add lazy to the adjective list?