Saturday, November 17, 2007


Maybe. But I believe Whitey Herzog belongs in the baseball Hall Of Fame.

- He was a disciple of Casey Stengel.
- Two very successful stints as manager of the Royals and Cardinals. Six division championships, three pennants and one World Series title. The 1987 pennant, despite huge injuries the last month of the season, is as miraculous as last year's World Series.
- His style of play "forced the action", instead of today's waiting around for someone to hit a home run. With him it was speed, speed and more speed. Speed on offense. Speed on defense. It was really a far more exciting brand of baseball than what we have today. There was just a lot more action, far more movement.
- As general manager, he built the Cardinals to succeed. And he built the Angels in the 1990s, the core of which went on to win the 2002 World Series.

If I may plug something...if you are a baseball fan, then read the book "You're Missing A Great Game", written by Herzog and a man named Jonathan Pitts.

Whitey always has something to say and, even better, is not afraid to say it. The book is full of awesome stories. What a fun read.

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