Friday, August 01, 2008

More Plant Peepage

Thanks to all the Tiger Lily fans, I now have one less UFO (unidentified flower object) in the landscape.

So, what say you all about this little critter?

It's about a foot tall but the flower is cool.

It's some kind of volunteer- I didn't plant it and it wasn't there last year.

Any guesses?


  1. At first glance I would guess it was some kind of mum.

    I don't see any photos that are exact in my garden encyclopedia, but two are close. Search on Gazania and on Coreopsis to see if it may be related to one of those.

    Sorry, I've no other ideas/

  2. MarieN!

    Thanks, I'll do that.

    Whatever it was, it is no more. I went out to look at it this morning and it was gone. Perhaps the victim of an untimely weed-whacker mishap...or a rogue bunny.

    I may never know, but at least I have a photo to compare my research to.

  3. hmmm,
    easy come easy go

    as they say.

  4. MarieN!

    I think you are correct that it is Coreopsis. I think my birdseed mix, located nearby, may have Tickseed seed.