Friday, December 26, 2008

A Grand Christmas

I really made a haul this year. Here's what I got. Hope your take was as bountiful.

- The popular CD "Led Zeppelin On The Pipe Organ." I gotta tell ya, 'Stairway' sounds awesome.

- I received a shipment of two tons of printer paper from recycled sources. Mine came with a certificate claiming my paper originated from all those World Series tickets the Cubs had printed. I shall gleefully print everything I possibly can this year.

- Since my favorite books are "pop-ups", I was glad to see I received Chef Gordon Ramsey's "Another Kitchen Nightmares Pop-up and Scratch-n-Sniff Book". Watch out for the slime mold that jumps out from under the stove surface. I almost gagged.

- A year's subscription to my favorite magazine, "Blogger Fancy".

- In keeping with the blogging theme, I got bobbleheads of all my favorite bloggers, including Lucy, Angus, TK, Barb, Rick, MarieN, Dan at NR, and DanUp. Now, whenever I read your posts, I'll just reach over and tap your head and watch it bobble if I like what you say. Don't worry, the guy I bought them from swore there was no voodoo involved.

- I received the rare and hard to find "Issues, Etc." home game. Which is great, because I always wanted to pretend I was Jeff.

- Although I didn't get "Treasury of Daily Prayer," I did get an anonymous gift- "The Rod Blagojevich Study Bible". However, I kind of found it offensive, actually, as it is littered with a healthy diet of F-bombs in the footnotes. But I do recognize there are a lot of people who find this way of speaking natural, so perhaps it will help clarify some things for them.

- I got the "Russian Roulette Travel Mug." This thing has 6 holes at the top, and you have to spin the opening to get it to work each time you want a sip. Trouble is, you don't know which hole works. If you guess wrong, it gets really quite messy. I've got coffee stains all over my new shirt. I'll have to start drinking more water in the morning.

Anyone get anything better than this?


  1. LOL! I want to see my bobblehead. ;) Hope your whole family had a beautiful Christmas.

  2. Suddenly I'm feeling a bit dizzy. What's up with that?

    Merry Christmas!

  3. MarieN!

    Sorry, I got carried away with your last post. I'll dial it down a notch.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Must...

    Merry Christmas Scottius!

    The Russian Roulette Travel Mug sounds like an instant classic.

  5. Rick!

    Sorry, don't know my own strength, as a moose once uttered.

    Merry Christmas.

  6. Since I rarely post these days, I am thankful my bobblehead has remained still.

  7. TK!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! And, according to my church calendar, Happy Circumcision Day. (Can I say that?)

    Perhaps a healthy dose of taps on your bobblehead will get you to post more in 2009. Let the experiment begin.

  8. I, too, received the Russian Roulette Travel Mug, which I found to be one of my favorite gifts, second only to the TomTom combination GPS and waffle maker. One can never get enough of a really good waffle while driving, I always say.

  9. Vandelay!

    Thanks for commenting. Is that gift thing made of latex?

  10. Actually, it is made of latex, how very astute of you. Someone gave me a cover for it made of cashmere, but I don't like to use it because it has this red dot on it. Can you imagine giving someone a cashmere waffle iron cover with a red dot on it? Vandelay's getting upset!

  11. Vandelay!

    I can't imagine getting one as a gift...however, it would make a nice consolation prize for a contest.

  12. Honey, now I know why I had so many headaches and stomach-aches that week!! :) I am glad you stopped bobbing my bobblehead! Wow, what a trip!!

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  14. Luce!

    Huh? Since you haven't posted recently, I never touched your bobblehead. That was just you!

  15. Ha! Aren't you the funny one? :)