Sunday, September 19, 2010

NFL Picks Week 2

I struggled to break even last week, starting the year 8-8. The first week of the season usually brings surprises, and we weren't disappointed. ESPN Experts did a little better, but I'm not out of yet after the first week. Since Mort went 8-8, I don't feel too bad.

I think the two biggest surprises were how good the two Missouri teams looked after years of futility. Kansas City looks even more improved than I gave them credit for in my seasonal forecast. And the Rams should have won last week, Sam Bradford looked like the quarterback they've looked for since Kurt Warner left town, and they also are going to win more games than I originally predicted.

On a couple of uniform notes, I thought it was odd for the Bears to wear white at home last week. I don't like it, and fortunately it has only happened a handful of times in their history. But a lot of teams did it. Also, I absolutely loved to see the Redskins return to wearing yellow pants with burgundy jerseys at home. That look is so much better for them.

With a win last week, Pittsburgh is definitely back in the playoff hunt. I didn't know what their record would be after the first four weeks without Roethlisberger, but if they end up 2-2 I think they'll be thrilled.

No teams looked better than the Ravens and Patriots. On paper and on the field last week, these are clearly the two best teams. Right now.

This week has a few good games to watch. I almost picked the Rams over the Raiders, but the Raiders supposedly do have a pretty good defense to combat Bradford with. I also almost went with the Lions over the Eagles. We'll see if I regret not sticking my neck out on those two.

Kansas City.
Green Bay.
New England.
San Diego.
San Francisco- Monday Night.

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