Sunday, December 26, 2010

NFL Picks Week 16

Last week I had a 9-7 record, so several games surprised me. For the year I'm 135-89 heading into this week.

My goals for the final 2 weeks of the season are to stay below 100 losses, stay in front of Wickersham, Allen and Schefter, and catch Keyshawn, Chris Carter and maybe Schlereth. Go here and here for ESPN Expert picks and records.

Which should make it interesting, because I'm picking a couple of upsets today. I'm going with Detroit and Denver this week, two teams with a combined 7-21 record. Lions are getting better and better, and I want to root for Tebow, so I'm picking Denver.

I'm not a fan of the season ending so late. Used to be the playoffs started around Christmas. Now the seasons isn't over until after New Year's, and the Super Bowl is in February. Why?

Last Monday Night game of the year is a good one. Last week's ended pretty good. Bears have themselves positioned for a #2 seed, they just have to win the next 2 weeks and it's theirs.

Which is huge, because the Eagles are the team that could stop them. Not only would the Bears not get a bye if they don't finish #2, but they would also have to go to Philly to play if they won the Wildcard game.

The Eagles last 2 games are at home and they should be heavily favored in both (Vikings this week and Cowboys next week).

So the Bears game today against the Jets is very important. The Jets are also fighting for a playoff berth, so they need this game. Should be good.

I'm betting the Bears wish they had the Redskins game (week 7) back again.

The Rams have an outside shot at the playoffs, but need wins these last 2 weeks as well.

Indianapolis-Oakland should be an intriguing late game .

New England.
Kansas City.
St. Louis.
San Diego.
Green Bay.
Tampa Bay.
New Orleans- Monday Night.

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