Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

I've been looking forward to the New Year.

For the past few weeks, I've been getting in the mood to revive my blog, as I've kind of taken the last year off. I only posted 54 times last year.

But I'm not as ambitious as I was a couple of years ago, when I fell quite short of my goal of 450 posts. However, I know I can do better than last year.

I'm going to stop short of setting a goal, as I do not know how long my mood will last.

One of the problems last year was lack of motivation. There were times last year I could have posted something and just didn't.

There was also the interest factor. Even though I had some ideas to post, I just was not interested in doing it.

I sense that in others also, as the number of posts on blogs I follow also seem to have diminished.

The only way I know of to make more time for this blog is to eliminate other things. I've spent far too much time this past year following news and politics. What a waste of my time.

My memory is another hindrance. Sometimes I'll get an idea for a post, and wonder if I've done it before. After 1738 posts and 6 years, it's no wonder.

So in laziness, I don't bother looking back. Another post is lost.

I haven't read as much this past year, so I am setting reading goals again. I'm going to try to get through the Bible again this year, so might as well start today.

The difference this year is that I've got a new Lutheran Study Bible, which is ESV. I've never read ESV. I've read the Bible in NIV, NKJV and most recently KJV. I've also read the New Testament in RSV.

I think I liked the KJV the best. Initially the style was different enough from modern English that it was a bit slower to comprehend, but after awhile my mind must have gotten used to it because it eventually read naturally.

I also loved the directness and colorful language! Leviticus 21:18-20 KJV will forever be my favorite Bible verses!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to this translation.

Maybe someday I'll learn Greek. I'm running out of translations to read.

I don't plan on increasing my exercise goals. I've kept my goals at 25,000 push-ups and squats the past 2 years, and don't plan on increasing those.

I have added more body weight exercises, however. I've added chin-ups and pull-ups. I just don't have a goal yet.

I've also changed from doing exclusively Hindu push ups a few years ago. The 25,000 will be a mixture of different types, traditional, Hindu, dive-bomber, triangle, and this year I hope to add one-armed and hand-stand at some point.

I'd also like to take more pictures, plant more shrubs and trees, and learn more dishes to cook, as I only know a handful.

In addition to working, it sounds like I'll be busy.

Of course, all this depends on the good health of me and others. Something I've continued to be blessed with.

So, all of this is dependent on God's will.

I'll end as appropriately as I can.

Deo Volente- God Willing.


  1. Excellent goals, God willing! I've been blogging more, too. I have the problems of time, motivation and forgetfulness, so I've been using my smart phone to help me. It's working, but I do have a few too many picture posts.

    I'd sure like to know what all these pushup styles are! Triangle?

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. TK!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, too!

    I've noticed you've been blogging more. I've been glad to see that. I need to update my links with your new address at Brave Grace.

    I like the looks of both your blogs. I've been intending to upgrade this one, but it seems I have less choices than I used to have and can't settle on anything.

    Triangle push ups are done in the push up position except the index fingers touch as do the thumbs, making a triangle. You can "Google" it on "Youtube" and watch demonstrations. Gets the back of the arms and shoulders really well.