Sunday, November 27, 2011

NFL Picks Week 12

A 10-4 record last week puts me at 105-55 for the year. I'm just a game out of first place amongst the ESPN humans. Wickersham came from nowhere and went 13-1 last week, tying him with Allen for 1st place. Those two are usually in the back by this time of the season. It's been a weird year.

Anyway, the Bears have a tough one today. Should be a good game to watch. Despite the QB injury, I would like to think they still have a shot at the playoffs. Atlanta and the Giants are right behind.

The Bears need for the Lions to keep losing and someone to keep the Falcons and Giants down. I don't think I can count on the Vikings today, however. I probably can count on the Saints tomorrow.

This looks like the Colts best chance for a victory this season, as the rest of their schedule looks tough.

St. Louis.
San Diego.
New England.
New Orleans- Monday Night.

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