Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Monday and Tuesday Reading and More Gardens

Numbers 28-33.
Luke 6-7.

We moved 3 years ago.  All the pictures I have ever posted on this blog about my garden were from my old house.

What I miss about it is I had made that backyard with my own sweat (and some of my son's, my dad's, and friends) over about 10 years.  That yard was basically grass and trees when we bought it.

Which is probably a horrible thing to say, as it sounds so prideful.  So forgive me if it sounds that way.  God was willing and able to make it all turn out like it did, so all credit should really go to the Lord.  I found what He did there very satisfying and beautiful at times.

The work was good physically and mentally, and probably spiritually.  I spent so many, many hours getting a work out, thinking about things, listening to music, listening to Issues, Etc., making plans...and enjoying what I was doing.

When we moved to our present location, there were already three garden beds present, all filled with plants.  There was nothing for me to do with those except tend them. 

Which although that provides some enjoyment, it is just not the same thing.  They weren't "my" creations (a sinful way to look at things, but let's face it, I am a sinful man). 

Lord, help my self-concerned ways, as none of any of it is "mine".

I have started making some raised vegetable beds, the past 2 years, and have started making some preliminary plans for some more decorative beds to put in.

All that said, now that it is spring, I am ready to get out there again.

So here are some more pictures from my present garden beds and yard.  My hope is that this will inspire anyone who sees these to get out and enjoy working in the dirt and gardening.  God's creations are so beautiful.

*(This last picture is of a new raised bed I mentioned above, made with a rice straw wattle border (learned that on PBS, Victory Garden I think) and filled with equal parts mixture of topsoil, compost, peat moss, horticultural vermiculite and garden bed soil.  Even in our winters, so far this has held up.)

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