Sunday, February 18, 2018

Weekend Reading and LPR

Numbers 22-27.
Luke 4-5.

Recently listening more to music on LPR.  Have the app on my phone and iPad, I love listening to it coming to and from work.

I just realized you can download the music.  Which is awesome.

I just wish there was a song identifier.  Some of the songs are unbelievable, but I have no idea what they are.


  1. This is DJ Maximus, bringing you your favorites from the 1400s and 1500s! You just heard a classic from the Lutheran Hymnal, number 400, "Crown Him with Many Crowns!" (Note: I have no clue what the actual hymn number is.)

    Answering your previous questions, yes, the Indians used to be in Winterhaven, FL, which apparently is in the middle of nowhere, and did not sound like an interesting destination, even to watch spring training. As for being warm, well, we got snow yesterday, but it got into the low 40s today so the snow all melted. Which is pretty much normal here.

  2. Barb!

    ROFL! I think I may have found a new calling. If only I had time...I would DEFINITELY do this! Years ago, TK and I had kicked around the idea of podcasting, and this would be a great idea for that.

    Gee, I wonder what was trying to be conveyed when they picked the name "Winterhaven"?

    In thinking about my question, I recall a boating accident around 25 years ago when some Indian players got killed, wasn't that in FL during ST? Gee, a lot of bad stuff has happened to both Cleveland and St. Louis when it comes to players dying and stuff.

    Snow in spring? Must be climate change I read about somewhere.